Panos Tsimboukis

Who I am: Panos Tsimboukis | 

Where I live: Greece

What I do: Science journalist with the national Greek newspaper TO VIMA for the past two years and a 2021 EurekAlert Fellow. I have studied biology and epigenetics and am a member of the French Association of Science Journalists (AJSPI).

Why science journalism: “I like opening the ‘black box of science’ — describing how scientists do their research — because I like giving prominence to local research and explaining how science and technology intersect with society. The best thing for me is that a science journalist has the opportunity to read and to present research from social and natural sciences that can have great impact in society (for example, climate research or research concerning vaccine hesitancy).”

Suggestions for newcomers:

  • Follow papers about science and technology studies.
  • Read articles published in exceptional science journalism media, such as Undark, Nautilus or Quanta.

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