ABSW’s 2019 awards are now open to entry to journalists who publish for UK or Irish audiences in any media. There are three entirely new categories this year, and for many awards the prize fund is now £1000. Closing date for entry is midnight on 31 January 2019. Enter here:


New Awards:

  • Editor of the year (£1000)
  • Local or regional journalist of the year (£1000)
  • Innovation of the year (£1000)
  • Feature of the year – general (£1000)
  • Feature of the year – specialist (£1000)

Continuing Awards:

  • News item of the year (£1000)
  • Scripted/edited television programme or online video (£1000)
  • The Royal Society Radio Prize (£1000) (A prize for the best scripted/edited radio programme or podcast)
  • The Steve Connor award for investigative journalism (£1000)
  • The NUJ Stephen White Award for communication and reporting of science in a non-science context (£600)
  • The Dr Katharine Giles science blog award (£600)
  • Newcomer of the year (£500)
  • Student science journalist of the year (£500)
  • British science journalist of the year
  • European science journalist of the year (£1000)
  • Lifetime achievement award

All the entries must have been first published/broadcast between 1 January 2018 and 31 December 2018. Read more and enter:


(Please note that the closing date is 31 January 2019 at midnight)


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