Between March and April, the WFSJ ran a survey among its 59 Member Associations (MA). Its aim was to help us better understand the environment in which our MAs work. The results will also allow us to improve our mission in support of science journalism globally. In total, we received 77 responses, 27 (35%) from MA representatives and 50 (65%) individual responses but all MA affiliates.


  • An important aspect of building a community of science journalists is to communicate well with our MAs. Disseminating professional information, such as on travel fellowships, job postings, mandates for freelancers are therefore highly appreciated. For some respondents, the creation of a Facebook or Slack group and/or a closed portal could be an asset.
  • A question in the survey focused on the potential friction between science journalists and science communicators. And although 50% of respondents see some friction between the two professions they feel that first and foremost it is about being “professional” and that “transparency” about their specific roles is an “excellent policy”.

“Science communicators can remain neutral/objective even if they are working for a research institution; it is not a matter of disguising the truth or forgetting the scientific rigour to highlight the successes of their institution.”

“(..) as long as we are all clear on the biases and conflicts of each role, we’re all good. Transparency is an excellent policy.”

  • Regarding the current market for science journalism, for many respondents, there is no doubt that it is too small or shrinking because mainstream publications no longer have an appetite for science journalism. Only 25% (19) believe that the current market conditions for science journalists are fine.
  • And 52% of respondents believe the WFSJ funds its activities with the annual membership fees. In reality, these fees contribute only 1% to our total revenue. Most of our financial resources come from project funding. Check out our annual and financial reports here.


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