SJF As a partner in this year’s edition of the Science Journalism Forum, the WFSJ can offer 50 VIP passes to this on-line event. SJF, which runs from 30 August to 2 September, is a virtual multilingual global event where science journalists, writers, publishers, scientists, students, and academia can share their knowledge and perspectives on  science journalism. The forum aims to empower all stakeholders with new tools that help them communicate, network, and learn from their peers worldwide. SJF has been established as a highly accessible gathering for science writers regardless of where they may be in the world, putting them in touch with experts and colleagues who may also be anywhere in the world. The WFSJ is pleased to make this event even more accessible and we invite you to apply for one of these 50 VIP passes by Friday 27 August. To do so, please send your name, e-mail address, country,  job position, the name of the organization you work with, and the number of years who have been a science writer (don’t be shy; newcomers with no experience are as welcome as old-timers!). We look forward to seeing you there!


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