As threats to journalists around the world have increased to an alarming degree, the WFSJ is launching its Solidarity Fund, a helping hand for those science journalists who are facing a humanitarian crisis.     This new initiative offers financial assistance in a range of emergency cases where journalists find their financial well-being and personal safety are compromised by violence, displacement, injuries, natural disasters, or outbreaks of disease. These problems may be a direct result of working as a journalist, which can put individuals in harm’s way. As its name implies, this initiative is a fine example of journalist-to-journalist solidarity, providing immediate relief to those in danger and need wherever they might happen to be.

    Who can apply       Working science journalists who find themselves facing financial hardships for various reasons:

  • Losses from forced relocation because of physical hazards at home
  • Costs associated with defending themselves against legal prosecution
  • Medical expenses caused by personal injuries

    How to apply     A request for assistance can be submitted to the WFSJ by e-mail at Applicants will be provided with a simple form where they can outline the nature of their problem and why they need help.    

    The review process     Completed applications will be forwarded to a WFSJ committee that will assess the merit of the request and determine an appropriate amount of support up to a maximum of US$1,000. These funds will be transferred by the most efficient means possible to the applicant, who will be asked to confirm receipt.

    We need your help     Solidarity begins with each one of us, and the WFSJ is asking you to demonstrate that fact with a donation. We know from experience that ours is a community of generous, compassionate, and thoughtful people. Please assist journalists with your ongoing support.    


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