Gulsen Saray, Turkey

Who I am: Gülsen Saray | @1GulsenSARAY

Where I live: Turkey

What I do: International project development coordinator and science journalism lecturer at Haci Bayram Veli University in Anakara

Why science journalism: “I was a journalist during gymnasium years, and now a science journalist. I have written the first Ph.D. Thesis on Science Journalism in Turkey in 2018, covering nuclear energy policies and media engagements between 1945 and 2016. My motto is science journalism is a gateway to World Civilization.”

Suggestions for newcomers:

  • Contact researchers, relevant institutions, and end-users to seek additional information from many sources; identify the research integrity and avoid research misconduct in the subject area.
  • Consider that any information provided by the source may be deficient, incomplete, inaccurate, or comprise false or misleading.
  • Check and correct data anomalies by original sources. Science journalists participate in the assessment and fact-checking process of the news within the capacity of their own gatekeeping expertise.
  • Give great value to the specific language of descriptive narrative. The excluded audience may bring to Science journalists many conflicting comments.  There is neither any partial weighting practiced by the public reader to the context, nor they verify the information.



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