Job de Vrieze, Netherlands

Who I am: Jop de Vrieze | |

Where I live: Netherlands

What I do:  Science journalist, author of two popular science books and co-winner of Kavli Science Journalism gold award.

Why science journalism: “I am a science journalist to put scientific findings and developments in a societal perspective and vice versa. I try to be the critical interpreter citizens can build on when making up their minds about issues they care about. The best thing about science journalism is that it keeps its eye on what is known and what is still uncertain and from there pictures the potential risks, benefits and different aspects of a topic, issue or technology – such as vaccinations, digital surveillance or 5G internet.”

Suggestions for newcomers:

  • Use your own scientific expertise and network as a starting point
  • Explore what you’re good at and then be selective.
  • Exploit your research (your capital!) as good as possible by writing for different media



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