Michele Catanzaro

Who I am: Michele Catanzaro | website |

Where I live: Spain

What I do: Freelance science journalist whose work has appeared in major publications in English, Spanish, Catalan, and Italian. Author of Networks: A Very Short Introduction.

Why science journalism: “Science is a powerful way to think and shape the world. As such, it must be opened to the public, debated, and scrutinized (and enjoyed, too), and this is what science journalism does. The best thing about science journalism is the opportunity to investigate how science and technology interact with society — and the other way round.”

Suggestions for newcomers:

  • Look for outstanding examples of science journalism and get inspired by them.
  • Go beyond popularization: you are first and foremost a journalist.
  • Do not “adore” scientists: learn how to develop a critical view of scientific activity.


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