Natalia Demina

Who I am: Natalia Demina |

Where I live: Russia

What I do: “I have tried many things in my life: telecommunications, skydiving, math and sociology and even politics. Science journalism turned out to be the most interesting and exciting for me. We see now a lot of people who don’t trust in science. We have to do a lot to change it”.

Why science journalism: “There are many open questions without answers. I like to write about them. I hope one of the questions will be answered before I die: What is the origin of life? Is there life on Mars? Are we alone in the Universe? Are we (science journalists) Sisyphus?

Suggestions for newcomers:

  • Try to find the best experts in the field you write about.
  • Do all your best in fact-checking.
  • Learn something every day.

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