Tetsuya Ishikura

Who I am: Tetsuya Ishikura |

Where I live: Japan

What I do: “Originally, I wanted to be a researcher who experimented with elementary particles, but I wasn’t smart enough, so I gave up. However, I love science, so I chose to work in a job that conveys its fascination. I am a science journalist. When I was a child, I used to read science books with great excitement. I would like to play a role in connecting science and society”

Why science journalism: “The best part is that I get to meet the leading researchers and hear about their cutting-edge research before anyone else. When the interview is over, I am filled with intellectual curiosity. I’m also happy when I listen to my readers´ feedback”.

Suggestions for newcomers:

  • Make an effort to simplify complicated things. Train yourself to write articles so that your grandmother can understand them.
  • Be a beginner. We’re not professional researchers. Don’t hesitate to ask basic questions.
  • Create one area that you are good at. It will give you confidence. I’m good at math.

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