Sandy Ong

Who I am: Sandy Ong |

Where I live: Singapore

What I do: I want to tell science & tech stories about the world around us/the world that we live in.

Why science journalism: I love how I’m constantly learning new things. And I’m always humbled how journalism offers a “backstage pass” to people and places you wouldn’t otherwise be able to speak with or see.

Suggestions for newcomers:

  • Read voraciously, especially stories from publications that you’d like to write for.Read widely, because you never know what might spark an idea!
  • Network. Writing can be a lonely endeavor and having a community of like-minded people can certainly help that — for advice, and to commiserate and cheer you on
  • Don’t be afraid to pitch — part of an editor’s job is to look for good ideas. You are not bothering them.

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