Who I am: Pascalinah Kabi |

Where I live: Lesotho

What I do: There is no denying that science is the heartbeat of our everyday lives and therefore, I strongly feel that journalists should write stories that educate and inform their audiences on the importance of science in our lives.

I am also fascinated by the wealth of knowledge, or lack of, that indigenous communities amass on science related issues and always feel a deep sense of satisfaction every time I provide a platform for communities to tell their own science related stories.

The limitless possibilities of narrowing the gap between scientists and indigenous communities through storytelling is priceless.

Why science journalism: Science journalism brings science to the people.  Contrary to some school of thought that science journalism is a difficult subject to handle, I find it to be one of the few beats whose story ideas can be found right under our noses and are never difficult to narrate, particularly with right sources at one’s speed dial.

Suggestions for newcomers:

  • Read, listen and absorb information like a sponge that you are.
  • You can only position yourself to be in the right state of mind to ask relevant questions and produce good science stories if you self-educate by reading; listening attentively and absorbing as much information as you possibly can.
  • Bring science to the people by carefully identifying a story protagonist and weave their experiences in a storyline that you are seeking to tackle. People find stories about fellow human beings most interesting and in the process of reading such stories, they learn one or two things from your articles.
  • Try by all means possible to simplify your narratives. Do not overthink science stories because doing so will only deny your own self the possibility of exploring the exciting journey of science journalism.

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