The eighth issue of SAYANSI magazine edited by our Member Association the Media for Environment, Science, Health and Agriculture (MESHA) from Nairobi, Kenya. You can read it online here: Sayansi Magazine – Nov 2017 – Issue No 8.

The November issue focuses on three main topics in African science:

  • Shifting to cleaner mobility
  • Climate change affects the food value chain
  • Mobile apps are changing lives of pregnant mothers

MESHA is an organization that provides support to science journalists covering health, development, technology, agriculture and the environment. It offers science communication training workshops, consultancies and encourage networking through meetings and conferences among journalists, scientists and other stakeholders in Kenya.

The association emphasizes on rural journalism and communication. The idea for the formation of this association sprang up from the fact that there were many organizations and communicators in the fields of agriculture, environment, health and development. However, few organizations in the region bring journalists covering these issues together for better reporting in the media.

MESHA believes that in a democratic society where science must be answerable to the public, there is need to find new and innovative ways of effective mass communication about the benefits of science, and other areas of concern to the general public. It aims to ensure continuity, sustainability and consistent coverage of science and development issues as they arise.

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