The WFSJ Solidarity Fund has so far supported 13 science journalists from Ukraine, Rwanda, and Malawi who are facing great difficulties. We would like to thank all donors for their kindness. We’re truly grateful for their generous support.

The UK’s ABSW contributed almost £6,000 to the Solidarity Fund. Chair Andy Extance said: “The ABSW stands by the science journalists of Ukraine, and science journalists all over the world when their safety is threatened by war. “I encourage other associations and science journalists to contribute to this important effort from the WFSJ.”

The Solidarity Fund was set up to offer financial assistance in a range of emergency cases where the financial well-being and personal safety of journalists are compromised by violence, displacement, injuries, natural disasters, or outbreaks of disease. As its name implies, this initiative is an example of journalist-to-journalist solidarity, providing relief to those in danger and need wherever they might happen to be.
Here’s how you can continue to support the WFSJ Solidarity Fund:

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