It is an immense honor for the WFSJ to be able to participate Kavli Prize Week 2022. We are grateful to The Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters, the event organizers, and the Kavli Foundation for their commitment and support to science journalism.

Since 2012, 25 fellows – science journalists from all over the world – have had the unique opportunity to attend and report on the excellence in science from Norway.

Kavli Prize Week is both a biennial celebration of science as well as an opportunity for dialogues on significant research in the fields of astrophysics, nanoscience and neuroscience. Held primarily in Oslo, its signature event is the Kavli Prize Ceremony. For the first time, this year, it was held in honor of both the 2020 and 2022 laureates.

The Kavli Prize Laureates received their prizes from His Majesty King Harald V at a remarkable award ceremony in Oslo Concert Hall.

The 2022 Kavli Prizes recognize pioneering science in the development of helioseismology and asteroseismology; development of self-assembled monolayers on solid substrates and molecular-scale coatings to control surface properties; and the discovery of genes underlying a range of serious brain disorders.

A Kavli Prize Week for 2022 WFSJ fellows, Nicolás Bustamante Hernández (Colombia), Jelena Kalinić (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Senne Starckx (Belgium/Flanders) and  Jessica Ahedor (Ghana), was particularly inspirational and in many ways a privilege for science journalists. In a casual atmosphere, fellows could hear the laureates explain their pioneering research, listen to their lectures in Oslo and Trondheim and participate in all events. Simply, it was one unforgettable week!

The Kavli Prize – – is one of the richest prizes in science and consists of US $1 million. Videos of the laureates’ talks and discussions will be posted soon, and be sure to follow @KavliPrize on Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook to learn more about the laureates and their breakthrough discoveries.

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