The Association of Environmental and Science Journalists from Malawi becomes 72 member of the best global science writers platform in the world.

The Association of Environmental and Science Journalists loosely termed (AEJ) is a specialised media institution established in 2010. It aims to support Malawi’s development of an environmentally sustainable society by fostering a vibrant and robust media in an era when the world’s ecosystems are under constant attack and pressure, mostly as a result of largely human induced activities. Environment and scientific research, coupled with strategic communication are more important than ever before to help create informed and positive perspectives from the society.  

“We are thrilled to be part of this great community of science journalists at a global scale. We are hopeful, that our growing membership will benefit a lot for being an affiliate of this science federation including the growth of the association which will be launching its 10 year strategic plan soon.” says Charles Mkoka, Secretary General.

WFSJ welcomes members from all over the world to have both positive and productive dialogue on all aspects of science journalism, including but not limited to research advancements, challenges, opportunities, and trends.

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