We are delighted to announce that next World Conference of Science Journalists 2025 will be held in Pretoria, administrative Capital of South Africa, carrying the theme Science Journalism and Social Justice – our role in promoting resilience.


“It’s a great privilege to host the World Conference of Science Journalists 2025,” says Mandi Smallhorne, president of SASJA.  “As it is the first time the conference has ever been held on African soil, this is truly a historic event, we’re delighted to be the pioneers! We look forward to welcoming the science journalists of the world to our home; we are sure it will be an eye-opening and rewarding experience. Our beautiful country has a lot to share, and that includes some fascinating scientific experiences, from the Square Kilometre Array, to cutting edge genomic sequencing, to the Cradle of Humankind. We are brewing plans for a tempting combination: an engaging, relevant and stimulating programme of content which will offer opportunities for both inspiration and growth, and a bouquet of day trips and  longer options to explore our science initiatives and the natural and cultural glories of our country.”  The programme, she adds, will expand on the theme of Science Journalism and Social Justice, looking at the role our profession can play in providing information that builds understanding and resilience. 

South Africa showed its scientific chops during the pandemic, always ahead of the game with genomic results which moved through the scientific community and informed policy and practice worldwide. It has a wealth of policy advisory bodies, funding agencies, higher education institutions, science and technology performing institutions which paints our country’s collective efforts towards fostering technological innovation. 

Pretoria, city in Gauteng province and administrative capital of the Republic of South Africa is primarily a seat of government, but it is also an important rail and industrial centre. Economic activities include engineering, food processing, and diamond mining.

WFSJ members from the United Kingdom are to host the World Conference of Science Journalists in 2027, on the theme of Building Global Networks for a Stronger Profession. The event will mark the 80th anniversary of the Association of British Science Writers (ABSW).

“The ABSW will be thrilled to welcome science writers and journalists from across the world to London in 2027,” says Andy Extance, ABSW chair. “As a dynamic, globally connected city, with a long scientific history, London is ideally placed to mediate the exchange of ideas and the best ways for us to cover and scrutinize today’s most pressing issues. We look forward to getting together and spotlighting how our profession can make the most profound impact.”

London has a number of world-leading research institutes including the Francis Crick Institute and Imperial College, as well as the Natural History Museum and the Science Museum.

More information on winning bids at wfsj.org

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