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"Science is the only news. Human nature doesn't change much; science does, and the change accrues, altering the world irreversibly."

Stewart Brand

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Meet the Members: Maria Delaney

Who I am: Maria Delaney |   Where I live: Ireland What I do: Investigative journalist for Noteworthy, a platform by – Ireland’s leading

Meet the Members: Helen Santoro

Who I am: Helen Santoro |   Where I live: United States of America What I do: Science journalist who enjoys making science accessible and engaging


Bravo bombe et BD!

L’Association des communicateurs scientifiques du Québec (ACS) has announced the winners of this year’s Hubert-Reeves prize, which honours outstanding work in science writing in French

2022 World Conference of Science Journalists

The 2022 World Conference will take place in the picturesque setting of Medellín, Columbia. The city and its surroundings will host a week of education, collaboration, and presentations by and for Science Journalism community members, all based on the important theme of “reboot”, something we could all use right now. The conference will run from June 27 to July 1, 2022, with a virtual experience starting on June 13.

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