"Science is the only news. Human nature doesn't change much; science does, and the change accrues, altering the world irreversibly."

Stewart Brand

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Three projects to improve science journalism receive funding from journalists’ associations


Join us in Norway for Kavli Prize Week

WFSJ in cooperation with the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters are announcing scholarships for four science journalists to attend the Kavli Prize week in Oslo Norway, September 2-8 2022.

Meet the Members: Natalia Lazzarini

Who I am: Natalia Lazzarini (@natalazza) Where I live: Argentina What I do: I write science and health stories at La Voz del Interior Newspaper in


Pursuing food for thought

If you can make your way to Cali, Colombia on March 3rd and 4th, you are invited to take a comprehensive, first-hand look at a

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NEW DATES: WCSJ MEDELLIN, 27-31 March 2023

The 2023 World Conference will take place in the picturesque setting of Medellín, Colombia. The city and its surroundings will host a week of education, collaboration, and presentations by and for Science Journalism community members, all based on the important theme of “reboot”, something we could all use right now. The conference will be in March 2023.

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