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Last year, the WFSJ started a curated publication. WFSJ Briefing intended to bring together some of the most important papers, information sources, and tips related to major topics in science journalism: the first of these is the pandemic.

We have now received a small amount of funding for this project and would like to call on journalists who belong to any of our member organisations to contribute to the content stream. We are looking for:

  • Proposals to write individual articles or series of articles that you believe would help journalists in their coverage of the pandemic. Send a short pitch for each article, why it will be particularly useful for the community, and an explanation as to why it’s unlikely to be published elsewhere. Also, please explain why you are the right person to write these article(s) and what you would charge for them.
  • Proposals to curate externally-generated content for the site, either generally (i.e. across the field: check out the site to see what we’re currently doing) or on different topics/themes that deserve special attention. Send a short pitch explaining why the theme is important (if applicable), how many links you would expect to be able to contribute per week/month, how much you would charge, and why you are the right person to curate these articles.
  • Proposals to edit the site: copy-editing/proofing contributed articles and overseeing contributed content. Again, explain how much you would charge and why you are the right person to do it.

The ultimate goal is to fund several different proposals, and therefore have several people working on the site in different capacities. We also want to have the wider community sending in links on an ad-hoc basis (please feel free to send in any suggestions you may have).

Please send your proposals to by no later than Monday April 19th 2021.

Photo copyright: donfiore / 123RF Stock Photo

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