Yao Hua Law, Malaysia

Who I am: Yao-Hua Law | yaohualaw@gmail.com  |

Where I live: Malaysia

What I do: Editor at Macaranga and creator of Monsoon, a podcast about science and science journalism in Southeast Asia

Why science journalism: “I love learning about how nature works and how human societies work. I also love to teach. Science journalism lets me do all of that and feel the creative thrill of writing. I wrote science news without knowing what journalism was. It turned out to be a surprisingly fun mix of creativity, fact-finding, and teaching. So, I resigned from academia and became a reporter. It’s been 7 meaningful years since.”

Suggestions for newcomers:

  • Before you do this full-time, build a buffer to pay for 6 months’ expenses.
  • Reach out to journalists in your region and ask for advice/support.
  • Read and digest all that’s on The Open Notebook.



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