Aimable Twahirwa, Rwanda

Who I am: Aimable Twahirwa |

Where I live: Rwanda

What I do: “I am a science journalist because I am especially interested not only in new scientific discoveries and technological developments but also in the coverage of some key areas of science such as climate change, medical discoveries and other great public health achievements,” Aimable Twahirwa says.

Why science journalism: “Science journalism conveys reporting scientific information to the public. Translating scientific terms and ideas as accurately as possible is  the most important part of reporting on science,” Twahirwa says.

Suggestions for newcomers:

  • Make sure you are able to explain  scientific practice and research findings to a non-specialist audience.
  •  It is very important to consult with expert scientists and researchers and conveying the information in ways that a non-specialist audience can understand
  • Human interest and a story well told

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