Maria Delaney

Who I am: Maria Delaney |  

Where I live: Ireland

What I do: Investigative journalist for Noteworthy, a platform by – Ireland’s leading online news source. Work as a science journalist has also appeared in The Sunday Times, The Irish Times, Business Post,, Ars Technica, and Creative Nonfiction, as well as on radio with RTÉ and Newstalk.

Why science journalism: “My journalism career began ten years ago with my blog, ScienceCalling. My mission was to communicate the complexity of science and technology to the public in new ways. This work led me to train as a journalist and bring my understanding of research and data into my reporting. Having a background in science journalism is extremely useful as an investigative reporter for Noteworthy. It brings an understanding of the complexity of research and trains you to look at the details and find/ask questions that others might miss.”

Suggestions for newcomers:

  • Don’t mistake science journalism for science communication
  • Don’t be afraid to ask simple questions — the basics are important (even if you think you know them)
  • Search for sources beyond the usual suspects

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