Who I am: Michelle Soto | |

Where I live: Costa Rica

What I do: Editor with Ojo al Clima and correspondent with Mongabay | Profile

Why science journalism: “Science helps us explain the world. It allows us to be curious and awakens our creativity. Sometimes we forget how close science is to people. I see science journalism as a way to remind people, through stories, how close science is to them on a daily basis.”

Suggestions for newcomers:

  • Don’t be afraid of scientific language. Know how to read the story beyond the jargon of the researchers.
  • Seek training in science journalism. Latin America has good journalists, follow them on social networks, read their work, and learn from their careers.
  • Science starts with a question, so does science journalism. There are no good or bad questions. The worst mistake is to censor ourselves from asking questions because we are ashamed. Sometimes, the simplest question holds a great story.



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