Just as medical expertise has risen to the challenge of treating COVID and preventing its spread, a multidisciplinary network spread across five European countries is now tackling the associated challenge of the “infodemic” that has been spawned by the pandemic. With expertise in fields ranging from science journalism and graphic design to civic engagement and history, these partners have now launched ENJOI —ENgagement and JOurnalism Innovation for Outstanding Open Science Communication, an initiative to provide science journalists with a platform to support the professional definition of their work.

ENJOI activities will take the form of workshops, practical labs, field research, and other forms of assessing the science journalism landscape. A signature feature will be the Observatory, a portal where the results of all this work will be easily accessible.

The ultimate goal of this initiative is to make science communication more consistently reliable, truthful, open, and engaging. Above all it will enhance the quality of critical thinking, digital awareness, and media literacy that defines the most professional work in this field.

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