The popularity of the WFSJ’s Press Card program has set the stage for one of the
organization’s most ambitious projects — an exclusive listing of science journalists who
belong to our member associations. The information obtained through each application is being converted into a searchable directory in a protected area of the WFSJ Web site, which will be accessible in early September only to those individuals who have already been approved to receive Press Cards.

This new resource has been created in collaboration with the developer of the WFSJ
Web site, with the protection of members’ privacy as a fundamental priority. In this way,
science journalists from around the world will have the option to identify themselves and
each other in a safe, secure setting. In addition, the WFSJ will be able to provide these
members with additional services, such as exclusive access to publishers or research
organizations for job opportunities or detailed information that would not otherwise be
available on-line.

With the launch of this directory, there will be a pilot period of at least three months to
ensure that it is functioning properly and participants are satisfied with the results. The
WFSJ will be ready to collect feedback from users and make whatever changes are
recommended. And once this database is completely up and running, an even more
ambitious project will be set in motion — the WFSJ’s first moderated discussion group.
This interactive site will be linked to the directory and accessible only to those members,
who will be able to exchange ideas and news amongst themselves. It will, in fact, be a
setting for science journalists to stay in touch with their peers around the world.
We look forward to inviting you to join us as we take this next important step in the life of
the WFSJ, it moves into its third decade of global service.

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