Inspired by the 2018 International Women’s Day theme #PressforProgress, at Taylor & Francis they took an unusual and involved approach to identify and present the 100 most downloaded research from the previous 5 years in our medicine, health, STEM, and social sciences journals, with a female lead author.


To retrieve the list of 100 articles, they started by using internal reporting tools to gather up the top 10,000 journal articles by downloads between 2013 and 2017. They then combined these datasets, de-duplicated where articles were listed more than once, and filtered this down according to the subject area. To define the articles where the lead author was female, they then isolated the first names of the lead author and queried these against an external dataset. This marked the author as either male or female, with a probable accuracy figure of between 0 and 1. Names that included a special character, or where only initials were given, were left as unmarked. They then manually checked all full names by desk research, until they had a list of 100 articles with female lead authors.

The result, #100WomenInScience, is a celebration of ground-breaking, trailblazing research led by women, bringing together these top 100 articles in one mini-site. Alongside the articles is a comprehensive collection of supplementary content, including interviews with researchers, and highlights of the impact research is making across disciplines, public policy, press coverage and wider society.

Discover the #100WomenInScience here.


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