Meet the Members Danielle Keeton Olsen

Who I am: Danielle Keeton-Olsen | Twitter

Where I live: Cambodia

What I do:  I’d always been enthralled by nature, but it wasn’t until I arrived in Cambodia that I was exposed to stunning landscapes under immediate threat. When I started to freelance, I aspired to recognize the treasures of Cambodia and the people trying to protect them, as well as demand accountability from those who damage them.

Why science journalism:  Traveling Cambodia’s coasts and forests is incredible, but what thrills me more is hearing a researcher explain the unique characteristics of a species, or learning how a community is integrated with their neighboring ecosystems or adapted to a climatic shift.

Suggestions for newcomers:

  • Collaboration is awesome. It strengthens your reporting and brings fresh ideas.
  •  Get into the field. You learn so much from observation.

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