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Who I am: Stephen Cheng | Facebook

Where I live: China

What I do: When I started in Beijing 15 years ago, nobody used to pay attention to China’s science. Trending topics then were poverty, corruption, pollution. But in the eyes of humble Chinese scientists I saw fire. They wanted to change the world. So I kept digging and hit a trove of explosive stories.

Why science journalism:  Science is hard but it gives hope. A science reporter has the privilege to wear a big, easy smile in an war drum beating newsroom. You know things that most people don’t. A new gene-editing tool to cure disease or AI to catch corrupt government officials can ignite a party crowd.

Suggestions for newcomers:

  • Don’t limit yourself to just one discipline, try as many different topics as possible, if they interest you.
  • Always treat your readers with utmost respect, and that means treating them as primary school students.
  • Work closely with your editors, because they are paid big to help.

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