The WFSJ is pleased to invite interested parties to submit their proposals for the next World Conference of Science Journalists (WCSJ), which we anticipate will take place in 2025. The WCSJ is a unique platform where one or more Member Associations and affiliated bodies can showcase their facilities, expertise, and achievements to local, regional and international audiences. Some of these 11 gatherings pre-date the formal incorporation of the WFSJ in 2005, the first taking place in Tokyo in 1992 and the most recent one in Lausanne in 2019.

Anyone who had the opportunity to attend one or more of these conferences will appreciate what a major undertaking each of them represented. In addition to assembling an interesting and relevant program, the WCSJ brings together many hundreds of our members from dozens of countries, with travel and accommodation logistics that can be daunting. As challenging as the task may be, it invariably turns out to be well worthwhile. And each time the review of conference proposals reveals the inspiring vision and aspirations of those who step up to embrace this challenge.

If you count yourself among the undaunted and inspired, please submit a letter of interest to We will then send you a background document outlining the specific requirements for the next round of conference proposals. Final bid documents must be received by Thursday 27 March, so that the WCSJ working group can evaluate them and pass on their recommendations to the WFSJ Board of Directors. The two most promising proposals will have an opportunity to make formal presentations at WCSJ2022 in Medellín, where the Board will make its final vote on the winning entry, to be announced at the close of that conference.

We very much look forward to your proposals. If you have any questions, just ask.



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