Cuba restricts international journalistic coverage on the Island

Cuban authorities prohibited the arrival to the Island of a group of journalists who have been selected to participate in a training workshop to cover the Global Forum for Health that will be held from 16-20 of November.

The international Media 21 journalistic organization in Geneva chose 15 journalists to attend the workshop and the forum.

Even though those reporters were already admitted to the forum and despite their request for a “journalist visa” (a document Cuban authorities requests in order to allow free journalistic work on the Island), just two of the professionals (from Haiti and United Kingdom) were granted the document. The representatives from Guatemala, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Spain, France, United States, Uganda and Uruguay did not.

During a telephone conversation Cuban authorities told Media 21 that if journalists tried to enter the Island with a tourist visa, they run the risk to be deported. So, because of that unexpected reaction from the Cuban government, the training workshop was canceled.