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The global call for applicants for the ‘Social Justice Media Grants’ to attend the World

Kavli Prize Week was held in Norway from September 3 through 9 2022

The WFSJ Solidarity Fund has so far supported 13 science journalists from Ukraine, Rwanda, and Malawi who are facing great difficulties.


National science journalism associations:


#UK  75th anniversary booklet: A look back on three quarters of a century of science writing



Workshop: How to cover earthquakes from a scientific perspective?


How I Wrote…A series of interviews with science journalists talking about a piece they wrote or produced



Seminar on ecological studies


Announcing the 2022 NASW Science in Society Journalism



The Story Behind Bushmeat: The Relationship Between Rising Viral Diseases and Diminishing Animals (@earthjournalism)


#Webinar #Monkeypox

Forum for Global Health Ethics – Monkeypox, Bioethics and the LGBTQI+ Community

(@UZH_en @pahowho)



The Rainforest Investigations Network is offering fellowships (@Rainforest_RJF @Rainforest_RIN @Amazon_RJF)

Media Workshop on Indigenous Environmental Reporting 2023


Stories by science journalists


Igapó, a floresta feita de água/ Igapó, the forest made of water

By Letincia Klein & R. Ribeiro




Romania’s communist-era abortion ban harmed hundreds of thousands of children. Is history repeating itself? By Andrada Fiscutean (@AFiscutean)



Chinese social media offers powerful tool against pollution, US-led study finds

By Echo Xie




Long Covid is said to affect white middle-aged women more – but data suggests otherwise

By Tik Root (@TikRoot)



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