Who I am: Charlotte Koldbye | YouTube

Where I live: Denmark

What I do: “I am a science journalist by serendipity. I am an extremely curious person, and when I had the chance to do a radio show about neuroscience it just felt right. I could just ask researchers questions and they would answer me. I could channel my curiosity and get paid for it”

Why science journalism:  Most researchers have a common goal – to gain insight. To ask questions and dig for answers. Science never gets boring, everything, literally everything is interesting if you dig deep enough.

Suggestions for newcomers:

  • Just do it. Don’t hold back. You don’t have to be a physicist to write about physics. Write, do podcast or videos!
  • You will learn as you go along. Be a loyal ambassador for your audience.
  • Put science into perspective so it makes sense for them.

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